Are you ready to take back your power?

You deserve happiness and success in all areas of your life - from work, relationships, health and finances.

And it starts with taking back control and activating your power. With this course, you will learn exactly how!

My superpower is showing women how to take big risks without ruining their lives.

No one ever showed me how to live life on my own terms. I was always advised to “stay the course” “don’t rock the boat” “take the well-worn path”

Well, lucky for me (and you) I didn’t listen. I’ve never been satisfied doing it someone else’s way, so I embraced my adventerous spirit from the get-go. What I learned is that no matter how daring or courageous or determined you are, there will always be someone judging you for taking the risk of loving yourself.

That’s why I learned to activate my power on a visceral level. I discovered how to connect with the infinitely deep well of self-love within me, so that I could continually light my own path through life. I studied movement, breath, and energy techniques that kept me anchored into my authenticity. This training will show you exactly how to create the same connection to your power centers as you empower your mind+soul connection and step onto your path of inner liberation.

At the heart of transformation is vulnerability

Unlock your radiant potential and step into your power through this dynamic course designed to align you to your values, honor your boundaries and define life by your own rules. Deepen you understand of how and why you react emotionally and how to use the body, breathe, and spirit to reduce anxiety and stress, self doubt and imposter syndrome. Get out of your own way and remove obstacles blocking you from owning your personal power. Connect with worthiness in order for healthy rebellion against what doesn't serve us or our highest good.

Does this sound like you?

  • This isn’t your first rodeo in the self growth + healing arena, but you know you need a system upgrade to reach for the next level
  • You are ready to set boundaries, honor your truth and show up as the woman you know you came here to be
  • You've tasted your power but struggle to stay connected to it when things get tough
  • Your soul knows there is something deeper dwelling inside you, waiting to be reclaimed, integrated, and embodied. You are ready for soul liberation
  • A dream is ready to be birthed into reality: a business, a partnership, an adventure, and you want both emotional and practical tools as you step out of your comfort zone and take a healthy risk

This is a sacred space of transformation for you to:

  • Understand how your brain works during times of stress or confusion
  • Get crystal clear about what you want and use that knowledge to design a purpose and a plan
  • Learn how to use fear and triggers as part of your process
  • Use pleasure as a pathway to greater productivity
  • Dismantle that old story of “I am not enough”
  • Liberate yourself from the inside out
  • Access the confidence to make your own fun and take life expanding risks
  • Fall in love with your life again

This is not just another course on empowerment but rather an opportunity for transformation that will allow you to access the fullness of who you are meant to be as a human being living in this world today. The Power Activation Course offers tools for navigating any challenge or obstacle that comes your way so you can create a life filled with joy, peace, freedom, abundance & connection--whether it's at home or work! It also includes a 365 online community where participants have access 24/7 support from fellow participants around the globe!

Stepping into more freedom can feel scary at first if you haven’t learned how to reset + find safety in your nervous system. Discover these tools inside the Power Activation 6 week course:


Learn to regulate your nervous system through movement drawn on from yoga, qi gong and dance


Call in your life force by invoking power breathing practices


Stand in your truth:

Learn kundalini techniques to connect to the greatness of your spirit


Learn somatic movements that nourish body, mind, and soul


Vibrate in wholeness as you step into more authenticity

What people are saying

The way the movements connected me to a deeper experience was really powerful. I was surprised as how much more grounded, and at the same time, alive I felt.

EW, Portland, OR

I was just really stuck and not open to experiences outside my cocoon. The exercises we did helped shift a lot of stagnant energy. By the end of the (6 week) program I became so UNSTUCK that I literally moved out of my nest to another state!

AJ, Tulsa, OK

I didn't realize how much stress I was carrying in my body until I tried the Power Activation Method, and it is awesome! A very different approach to self work than anything I've done before. Thank you!

AK, Steamboat Springs, CO

Here's the undeniable truth:

You are more powerful than you realize. Learn how to take ownership of

your strength and claim your radiant power within.


  • 6 weekly LIVE virtual calls
  • Access your power centers through embodied movement exercises
  • Journal prompts + emotional processing workbook
  • BONUS 1:1 private session with Rebel Practitioner Lydia Jane
  • +BONUS - Lifetime access to the Power Activation video library

Learn the power moves to kick self doubt out of your energy system for good

and gain self confidence with ease! Join Power Activation NOW.

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